Future Students

With the increasing development and the popularity of Information and Technology, the students are getting a giant leap towards another awesome technological world with each passing year. The process seems unstoppable and is advancing even more for the better tomorrow. Information and technology contributes a lot for the development of a society and a country. Today the world is a single global village because of information and technology.

This is a technological world, thus career in IT is very luring. Nepal is not an exception and has a good scope in IT field. With the establishment of various IT companies, software development companies and telecommunication companies, abundant IT human resources are required thus generating more employment opportunities. Even non-IT related office require IT professional in some way, thus there is a lot of future prospectus for IT students. With various IT skills such as web design and development, programming, application development etc. comes along pretty employment opportunities. The demand of IT professionals is very high in the market these days. This current scenario has certainly boosted for more IT college and computer training institutes.  Students opt for IT education seeking a better future career. Many IT and Telecommunication Company are established in Nepal which requires IT, computer, software and electronics engineer. Thus the job opportunity comes handy. Even if one is not an IT graduate but  s/he has academic qualification of other IT related course such as Web Design, Programming, application development et c  then  also s/he can get a good opportunity as a professional.

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