Class Notes

Semester I
CSC102 Introduction of IT
CSC102 Programming in C
CTA103 Probability & Statistics
MTH104 Calculus & Analytical Geometry
PHY105 Physics I
Semester II
CSC151 Digital Logic
CSC152 Discrete Structure
CSC153 Microprocessor
CSC154 Data Structure & Algorithms
MTH155 Linear Algebra
PHY156 Physics II
Semester III
CSC201 Computer Archite4cture
CSC202 Object Oriented Programming Language
CSC203 Operating System
CSC204Numerical Method
CSC205 Introduction to Management
Semester IV
CSC251 Theory of Computation
CSC252 System of Analysis & Design
CSC253 Database Management System
CSC254 Computer Graphics
CSC255 Cognitive-complete-notes
CSC256 Technical Writing
Semester V
CSC301 Computer Network
CSC302 Simulation & Modeling
CSC303 Design & Analysis Algorithms
CSC304 Artificial Intelligence
CSCCSCCSC312 Computer Hardware Design3– E-Governance3– Crypto Graphy
Semester VI
CSC351 Software Engineering
CSC352 Comiler Design & Construction
CSC353 Web Technologies
CSC354 Real Time System
CSC363 Image Processing
Semester VII
CSC401 Advance Database Management System
CSC402 Internet Technology
CSC403 Advanced Java Programming
CSC404 Project Work
CSC408 Software Project Management
Semester VIII
CSC451 Data Warehousing & Construction
CSC 452 Internship
CSC453 Advanced Networking IPv6
CSC459 Geographical Information System