Dear all , Welcome to AMC

Amibkeshwari Campus is affiliated to Tribhuvan University and is dedicated to the cause of the top quality of technology courses B.Sc CSIT , BIM and BCA with the motto of ” Collage for Professional Studies ” . Education that is through , purposeful and meets the requirement of today’s competitive world that is the kind of education that AMC offers . It is our deepest desire to serve the society by moulding the technocarts and business leaders of tomorrow .

We are sure that our education delivers and to boost all-round development of the students through technical and professional education so that they will be well prepared theoretically and practically to deal with the problems of recent and most changing world . Here is the opportunity for you to make the right choice, which leads you to a successful and satisfying profession as a useful and responsible citizen of our nation . We, the team of AMC , ensure our parents and guardians a fruitful , rewarding and enriching learning journey for their children . Similarly , we highly give importance to our partnership with the families of our students and keep consistent communication between home and campus . We have always given a top priority for a safe and positive learning environment with enthusiasm to support each students .

Let’s collaborate our efforts to meet our educational goals and expectations through hard work and dedication . We know how we can maximize our potential for continues success !