Greetings and a very warm welcome to Ambikeshwari/VN college!
First of all we would like to welcome all the students and parents to this academy. The goal of our academy is to produce skilled and talented manpower in the national and international job markets through the holistic development of our students. For this, we express our commitment to provide quality education to our students in a clean and healthy family environment as well as by creating a modern physical and educational environment. Through the learned, unlearned,and re-learned concept of our academy and the provision of an excellent management team, group of skilled teachers, and experienced staffs we focus on teaching the students how to pass/succeed at the life lessons rather than just the academic lessons. We always encourage our students to succeed, become responsible and self-reliant citizens through the glocalization(think globally and act locally) mind set. Therefore, we heartily welcome to our academy. Best wishes!!

Dr. Sharan Hari Shrestha
Assistant Professor, Center Department of Education,
TU Recently, Post Doctoral Researcher in Dankook
University,South Korea