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AMC is an inclusive and ambitious educational campus that delivers a high quality, engaging and innovative learning experience tailored to suit the individual needs of our students, prioritizing their holistic ICT and Business programming. Our motto is to transit to further education, training or employment, securing purposeful, future general and vocations. Developing a cohesive bond between parents, campus and community is of utmost importance to us. Our continuity and consistency of message to community and students have a significantly increased chance of success in ICT creation. We look forward to an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with parents, campus, community and international guests.

AMC provides B.Sc CSIT, BCA and BIM programs affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal. It has combined information management education, ranging from operations, human resource, marketing, strategy, and accounting and finance, to make students a more versatile and employable graduate. This program enables students to develop an understanding of the wider world, entailing sociology, business environments, communications, economics, and mathematics equipped with the understanding of greater social responsibilities, ethics, and compatibility in the job market. In general, if you would like to get into more of management and information technology role with 21st century technology’s skill, happy learning and collaboration with us across the world’s universities, you are welcome at AMC campus for BSc CSIT, BIM and BCA studies plus discoveries for your bright future to further career and lively life in the field of information technology.

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