Ambikeshwari is a unique institution designed to disseminate quality education to students, enriched with nearly a decade of experiences in the field of education for bachelor level with wonderful and meaningful contributions.

Let’s collaborate our efforts to meet our educational goals and expectations through hard work and dedication. We know how we can maximize our potential for continued success!

We have taken oath to preserve the following idealism.

I: Idea

Idea is an Idea about the source of creation, operating, conditioning, dissolving and recreation is to be conceived by a learner, a student. It is comprehended by being conscious and a realized intellectual, solidified form of thought process. This is the first TRUTH, CONSCIOUS and REALIZATION space of thriving abstract and concrete spirit by understanding the language of animate and inanimate objects and actions. It is about SEEN and UNSEEN space, energy and the matter of ideas for education.

E: Emotion

Emotion, is the chemistry which organizes generating, maintaining and stating the condition of life processes and creation processes in animate and inanimate objects, masses and matters; Creation, Species and Cosmic Universe. This is to be conceived by a learner, a student. This is the second TRUTH, CONSCIOUS and REALIZATION space of thriving intellectual spirit in Education.

A: Action

Action is the generating waves, frictions, images, maps, and speedy actions, techniques and reactions inside the intellect, an organ lives in the mental body to generate, operate, regenerate and develop the Artificial World. It is directly related to Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology subjects. This is to be conceived by a learner, a student.

O: Object

Object which is called matter. There are animate and inanimate objects. Simply, we call it NATURE, or Universe or PRAKRITI: Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space. Each and every object has its own language. By understanding the language of animate and inanimate objects, a person can find the creator, called energy, power and space including content. This is called the INTELLIGENCE of nature. Nature is a big Library or University through which a learner or student can understand the action, reaction, process and a real picture of SEEN and UNSEEN worlds.

U: Union

It means combination of all four dimensions of fundamentals of educational terms; idea, emotion, action and object through the means of YOGA, Religion, Concept, Philosophy, and Thinking, Thought and Technology.

In a line, firstly the Idea comes or generated in the mental and spiritual body. That idea stirs the emotion/chemistry and exposes action. The action via thinking and understanding gives the way to listen and understand the language of the object. After understanding the language of an object, a seer or seeker or learner grasped the TRUTH, Freedom and Liberation. Then only, the goal of education and the objective of the curriculum can be met.