Skilled Orientation Curriculum

AMC aims to give students the skills and knowledge they need to prosper in a globalized society. The skills were developed by experienced education professionals, and are based on extensive research.

  • Digital literacy: Digital literacy is about developing the skills to discover, acquire and communicate knowledge and information in a globalized economy, whilst using technology to deepen learning through international collaboration.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving: Critical thinking and problem solving promote self-directed thinking that produces new and innovative ideas and that solves problems.
  • Creativity and imagination: Creativity and imagination are about stimulating economic and social entrepreneurialism, imagining and pursuing novel ideas, judging value, and developing innovation and curiosity.
  • Personal Development and Student leadership: Student leadership is about recognizing the importance of honesty and empathy toward others, including others’ needs and safety. It is also concerned with practicing leadership, self-regulation, and the responsibility to improve lifestyle and careers. 
  • Collaboration and communication: Communication and collaboration are about fostering effective communication through actively listening to and engaging with others in diverse, multilingual environments and through non-verbal communication. 
  • Global Citizenship: Citizenship is concerned with developing active, globally aware citizens who have the skills, knowledge and motivation to address human and environmental sustainability. It is about developing an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of your own country and understanding your own countries and other countries’ values.