Basanta Prasad Rijal

Basanta Prasad Rijal


Namaste and Warm Welcome to AMC, Hub and Home of ICT!

AMC is a reputed campus in Dang affiliated to TU and growing in ICT dense world. Maintaining and leading in a shining path, our directory system magnets the staff in the division of works, duties, responsibilities and caregiving with scientific management, work division and daily operations in AMC. We also are guiding and supporting the management of academic, physical, admin and finance and community relations in the norm of ISO and International Standardization. Through planning, managing, guiding and moderating campus staff, we have a quality managing mechanism by assessing staff performance and promotion. We have committed to demonstrating effective managing behaviors to reduce loss, damages and casualties of properties and lives in campus premises. We produce high demanding leadership in the Market delivering quality technology education and designing ustainable vision to develop community for the better world.

Finally, we are assured of monitoring students’ overall development, controlling errors, researching and contributing to campus for research, innovation, peace and security to meet the UN SDG goal no.4, EDUCATION.

We are marching for Designing Model Campus in National and Int’l level.

Happy reading and choosing us!